Review: Zoya PixieDust in Sunshine

January 26, 2014

I feel like I haven't done a nail polish review in a really long time. Actually, I haven't. Life has thrown some massive curveballs my way (all good) so I unfortunately I haven't had time to update but I'll get better with that. I promise.

On a better note, today I bring you a Zoya PixieDust shade that I've actually used a couple times in the past. I used this in a Christmas Nails look and never got around to giving it a full review.

Sunshine is a deep sky blue that is absolutely wonderful and has fully restored my love of Zoya. The silver and light blue flecks of glitter really make this color pop and look exactly like a midnight sky. The texture is typical PixieDust, grainy and textured but at the same time soft and fine.

I highly recommend this color, especially for the cold winter months. It's perfect for loads of different skin tones, it's easy to apply and the color payoff is pretty amazing (this was only 2 coats, but you can ge away with 1). No chipping on this for the length of time I wore it.

Sunshine is available at most cosmetics counters or here.

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Lip Thrill Thursday: Riri Hearts MAC Talk That Talk

January 16, 2014

I've talked about this lipstick a bunch and after having it and wearing it for the past couple of months, I can still say this is one of my favorite lipsticks of all time. 

I'm not going to lie, the application is ridiculous. If you have any sort of patchiness of dry skin on your lips it's going to make this impossible to apply. But it's so worth it. The color is a rich reddish purple and looks amazing on many skin tones.

Filling in your lips with the lipliner is a bigger chore than the lipstick. But my trick is to exfoliate my lips and then apply a dark tinted lip balm. Once my lips are little wet, I apply the lipliner and fill in my lips as much as I can. Warming it up a bit by rolling it back and forth in your hands helps as well.

Once the lipliner is filled in, I swatch the lipstick on the back of my hand to warm it up a little and then apply it with a brush all over my lips.

Is there still some patchiness? Yes. But you have to be super up close in order to see it so it looks perfect on.

Like any other dark lipstick it is high maintenance. Be careful when your eating, and make sure to bring the tube along with you for reapplications.

Unfortunately Talk That Talk is no longer available. Fortunately for you guys, I'll be reviewing a couple of lipsticks that are super similar and a lot more affordable. Look out for those soon!

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Sunday DIY: January 12, 2014

January 12, 2014

Welcome to the first ever Sunday DIY of 2014! I know I haven't posted one in a while but with the holiday season and getting ready for school, it's been insane. But here it is, my fave DIY links of the week! Beautiful Mess - Frosted Phrase Vase - Love the idea and can't wait to customize my own phrases. These would be great for gifts as well, especially when you're sending flowers. & Cashmere - Classic French Toast - I love french toast, it's my favorite breakfast food but I don't eat it very often (hello calories!) but I think I'm willing to try this on a cheat day. So yummy looking. Tutorial HQ - Knotted Headpin Tutorial - Love the look of a knotted headpin and can't wait to try this on some rose gold wire I have. Such a pretty look. - Skinny Buffalo Chicken Tenders - Chicken tenders are delicious but the calories that come with all that breading or not so great. Luckily these look so delicious you won't care about the lack of breading. Matter Of Style - Gift Bow Earrings 
Tutorial - These look just like the Kate Spade Bourjois bow earrings that I've been wanting forever, but they're sold out everywhere and no longer available. Now I can get the look and DIY my own pair!

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Blur Those Lines: Benefit's Porefessional

January 10, 2014

Let me start this off by saying how in love I've been with Benefit for over ten years. I remember first hearing about Benefit because Kristin Davis from Sex & The City talked about their foot balm being the best. At the time they were just opening up a Macy's in Orlando and I headed straight over their to check out the brand new Benefit counter. I spent around $300 in stuff, from their Dr. Feel Good lotion to their super cute makeup bags (3!) and frosty eyeshadows and lipglosses (don't judge me).

Over the past couple of years I've moved on from Benefit, but since they have recently opened a Brow Bar at Ulta, I fell back in love with the brand. I picked up some Hello Flawless foundation for Christmas and got a sample of their Porefessional blurring balm that helps minimize the appearance of pores.

I have an issue with my pores. I hate them. My mom gave them to me and even though I love that I got a lot of her great features (great skin, doesn't look close to her age) this is one that I would gladly give back. Over the past year or so I've noticed that my pore situation has gotten worse so I've sought out different products to help.

The Porefessional is one of the blurring balms that I tried and I have to say that it isn't bad. It isn't great, but it's not bad. It definitely reduced the appearance of my pores but I felt that it didn't sit on my skin as well as other pore/skin blurring products that I have tried.

For the past couple of months or so Nanoblur and my personal favorite, Miracle Blur by Loreal have been huge hits. So huge that now every company is following in their footsteps by coming out with their own version of blurring serums or moisturizers. So I've decided to seek them all out and review them in a brand new series I call....BLUR THOSE LINES. If I had the rights to Robyn Thicke's song, I'd totally start playing it right now but I don't and since the misogynistic video disturbs me, I'll leave you guys to play it out in your head.

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Lip Thrill Thursday: Rimmel Show Off

January 09, 2014

So I signed up for a JollyVoxBox on Influenster and they totally hooked me up with a bunch of awesome goodies and one of them is Rimmel's Show Off lipstick in Aurora. I reviewed them before and love this lipstick/glosses so I was super excited that I got another one.

I would totally classify Aurora as a "Barbie Shoe Pink" pink. There's nothing fuchsia or mauve about it. It's so pretty and definitely bright so you might want to blot it if you're looking for something a little more subtle.

Like the rest of the Show Off colors it is a little difficult to apply but not so difficult that it's a chore. It's totally worth it for the amazing color payoff.

Rimmel's Show Off lip colors are available at most retail drugstores and makeup counters for $4.99.

*One product was sent for review by Influenster. The opinion of it is my own. 

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