Sunday DIY: Floral Letter

August 03, 2014

A Sunday DIY? It's been forever, I know, but it's back! As a special return of the Sunday DIY's I bring you a DIY of my own and that is a floral letter room decor piece. I've been in a super floral mood and this one is super easy and perfect for summer.

What you need:
A decorative letter box. I picked mine up at Target but I've seen them at Micheal's as well.
Plastic flowers. I found the ones I used from the dollar store. I bought four bunches and had more than enough.
A hot glue gun & sticks

1) If your letter comes in the shape of a box like mine did, cut out the top of it so that you can place your flowers inside. If not and the letter is flat, you can just glue them onto the top of them.
2) Remove all of the flowers from the stems. I also removed some leaves because I wanted to use some leaves as well.
3) Hot glue them in any kind of order that you want.
4) Hang up and enjoy! 

That's it! It's pretty simple and really cute. You can do any color flowers you want or use one type of flower if that's what you want to do. Since mine is a box, I prop mine up and use it as an accent piece in my office but you can hang yours up and do whatever your heart desires with it.

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Review: Zoya's Tickled Collection

July 29, 2014

Hello lovelies! It took a while but my review for the Tickled collection is finally here! Beauty school is a kick in the pants, I tell you. The colors in this collection are just as lovely as the ones from the Bubbly collection. I actually swatched a color of the corresponding bubbly collection color on top of the tickled color as an accent nail to give you a look at what the colors look like together.

Kittridge is pretty much the nail polish equivalent to MAC's Candy Yum Yum. It's a very pretty pink and paired with Harper it looks great on my skin tone, but alone I'm not really loving the color. It's a little too bubble-gum pink for my taste.

Ling is a beautiful bright blue color that reminds me of the ocean. Or blue curacao. The color is gorgeous and looks great with my and many other skin tones. Along with Muse, it looks super fun and sparkly but it honestly doesn't need it.

Rocha is a bright coral color that I thought I wouldn't like at all, but I do. I find it to be so pretty on my complexion and another perfect color for summer.

Rooney is the second pink in the collection but unlike Kittridge, I like it. It's definitely more fuchsia and deeper than Kittridge, making it a little nicer for my skin tone. I also really like it with Binx as a top coat. It's a super fun mix and I've had it on my toes for the past week.

Tilda is probably the superstar of this collection, along with Ling. It's so pretty and so lime green that I absolutely fell in love with it. I'm generally not a fan of green polishes but this was so beautiful, even paired with Stassi, but it didn't really need the extra bling. 

Wendy is the third pink in this collection. It has a softer more orange base than the other pinks and is my favorite of the three. Though I love this color, I have to say that this collection didn't really need three different shades of pink in it. I will say that pairing it with Jesy really changed up the color and added something nice to it.

I really liked this collection, but as I said above, I wish they didn't have as many pink shades as they did. It didn't really need it. I did like the pairings with the Bubbly collection, especially when it came to Wendy and Jesy as well as Tilda and Stassi. I would definitely classify these as a must have for summer.

The Tickled collection is available here or at select makeup stores and retails for $9 each.

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Review: Zoya's Naturel Collection

July 22, 2014

Hello lovelies! Zoya has officially announced the sequel to their Natural collection! Zoya's Naturel Collection from last fall was one of my favorites and this fall they have a brand new set of natural neutrals that will look gorgeous on many nails. To celebrate their new release, I give you my review of the original Natural collection. I've had these for a while, I just hadn't gotten the chance to review them.

Brigitte is a very nice mauve neutral color that leans a lot towards mauve. I know this entire collection is more rose toned neutrals, and this color is exactly that. I really liked this color and it complimented my skin tone very well.

Chantal is a nice vanilla cream color that although nice, it's a little too yellow for my skin tone. It almost looks like I left some foundation on my skin

Normani is a nice gray-brown color that was so easy to apply. Actually, all of these colors were easy to apply but Normani was nice because it was pretty opaque after one coat for me. I really like this color; it's a much deeper mauve than Brigitte but still very nice.

Unlike Normani, Odette is a brighter version of Brigitte, with tons more purple in it. I like this color, but it seems a little outdated to me. It's like a creme version of the frosty plum nail polish my grandmother used to wear. This is probably my least favorite in the collection.

Rue is my perfect neutral color. It's so pretty on my nails and compliments my skin very well. It has a nice blush undertone but isn't too pink or yellow for me. This one is my favorite of the entire collection.

Taylor is in the same vein as Chantal, a creamy vanilla/beige color. I am actually not a fan of this one either. Although it's not as unappealing on my nails as Chantal, it's still a bit too yellow for me. 

Honestly, I'm not that much of a fun of this collection. In the same way that I'm not a fan of Naked 3 by Urban Decay. Rose toned neutrals just aren't for me. The new Naturel Collection or Naturel 2, looks to be more of a mix of berry toned neutrals and chocolate toned neutrals, so here's hoping.

You can place a pre-order for the Naturel 2 Collection and pick up the original here for $9 per bottle.

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Lip Thrill Thursday: Rimmel Moisture Renew

July 17, 2014

Hello lovelies! Today I bring you Rimmel's Moisture Renew Lipsticks. I usually have really good luck with Rimmel lipsticks and after the horror that was Revlon's Colorstay Moisture Stain, I needed a good buy.

The Moisture Renew lipsticks aren't necessarily new, but they are revamped with vitamins A, C and E. They are also super pigmented and almost work as a lipstain.

I picked up four colors out of the twenty-five that they offer in Diva Red, Mayfair Red Lady, Back to the Fuchsia and As You Want Victoria. The colors go on very creamy and are easily applied both straight out of the tube or using a lip brush. The color is super pigmented and none of the colors I had left my lips feeling tacky or dry.

As You Want Victoria is a rich pink almost fuchsia shade that looked lovely on my skin tone. It isn't as bright as I thought it would be, but it still packs a punch for the upcoming summer months. It was probably my second favorite of the ones that I purchased.

Back to the Fuchsia is a really pretty fuchsia/hot pink shade that is pow in your face. The color is a little too creamy for my taste but it still looks nice. Even though it's pretty on, it's probably my least favorite of the bunch that I purchased.

Diva Red is a beautiful red that's deeper than the other red I picked up, but still bright and beautiful for many different skin tones. This is my favorite of all of the other colors I picked out

Mayfair Lady is a traffic-stop bright orange red color that can be seen from a mile away. The color is absolutely beautiful and is officially my perfect summer red. It's got just the right amount of orange in it for a bright summer lip.

All of these colors went on perfectly. The formula was easy to use and build-up on, if desired. The only problem I had with these is that since they're so creamy, they transfer very easily and eating with these on is not advised. The absolute best thing about these lipsticks is that since they go on almost like a liquid, they do act like a tint so even when the color fades throughout the day, you're still left with a nice tint of color on your lips.

The new Moisture Renew lipsticks by Rimmel are available at most of your local drugstores and retail for around $7.

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Review: Zoya's Bubbly Collection

July 13, 2014

Hello lovelies! Today I bring you the long awaited review for Zoya's Bubbly collection. This collection is probably one of my favorites from Zoya in a very long time. I am totally in love with the colors in this collection because they're so bright, fun and sparkly.

The Bubbly collection is one part of Zoya's two collections for the summer. The collections work well together, with each Bubbly color having a "corresponding" Tickled color.

First up there's Alma. Alma is the lighter of the two orange shades in the collection, going towards more of a yellow orange color. Alma is super pretty and very sparkly. All of the colors in this collection have the same holo glitters that are almost a little on the sheer side.

Next up is Binx. Binx is the violet color in the collection and like Alma, is easy to apply and very sheer. All of these colors need two coats to be somewhat opaque, but three would be needed if you wanted a true opaque color.

Harper is a gorgeous sparkly pink color that is one of my fave in the collection. It's so pretty paired with pretty much any pink and really adds an extra oomph applied on top of another pink or even white.

Jesy is the deeper of the two oranges, more like a blood orange. Jesy was a little tricky for me, even though it was deeper, it required three coats to get the same opacity as the other colors. I would use four to get a true opaque.

Muse is probably my favorite color in this collection. It defines summer for me. It's bright, it's fun, it's pretty and super sparkly. I've been repainting my toes with this for the past month.

And finally there's Stassi. Stassi is a color that I didn't really like, up until I paired it with it's Tickled partner. By itself, it's a little on the sheer side, it's pretty but just doesn't have that nice punch of some of the other colors in the collection.

This entire collection was totally fun and it was fun creating different rainbow looks with it. Stay tuned for the Tickled collection review coming soon!

Zoya's Bubbly collection is available here.

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