Restaurant Review: Hubbly Bubbly in College Park

September 18, 2013

I was really excited about trying a new restaurant in College Park called Hubbly Bubbly. I saw it getting built and when I saw the sign that said that it was a falafel place I got really excited. I love middle eastern food and couldn't wait to try this place. I was very sadly disappointed.

It's not even the fact that I went in with high expectations, it was really just that bad. When we first got there, there was no cooling in the place whatsoever. There were a couple of floor fans around the small dining area, but that was it. I almost wanted to eat outside on their patio area, but it was full outside.

The restaurant itself is kind of like Chipotle. You pick your dish (hummus bowl, salad or pita) and your filler (chicken, lamb & steak or falafel) and they'll top you off with your favorite fixings. You can also choose sides like Mazel Tots, Pita & Hummus and Falafel. The first problem I encountered was the size of the Pita. It was literally half of a pita loaf. Usually you got the entire thing with both sides filled in but no, this was just half. On top of that the serving forks and spoons are so small, they only put a little bit of meat and toppings on it for you. For $6.99, you're paying way too much for what you're getting. For the same price you can go down the road to the Mediterannean Deli and get a delicious gyro the side of your head.

Size aside, the meat itself was horrible. The lamb & steak combo was served out of a water substance and when they put it in your pita it made the bread soggy and gross. I have honestly never seen that before. And it was cold. My boyfriend got the hummus bowl with the lamb & steak and his was also cold. It tasted like they boiled skirt steak and chopped it up into pieces without trimming any of the fat from it. It also had a really weird cinnamon aftertaste that I didn't like.

Moving on from the sandwich I also got the Mazel Tots, which are shredded potatoes that are shaped into balls and then deep fried. You can get this with your choice of hummus or sauce so I chose the hummus. The tots themselves weren't that bad, just undercooked and over fried. They were really greasy and not very enjoyable. The hummus itself was probably the worst hummus I've ever had. I don't think the chickpeas were cooked all that well before mashing into hummus, and they put way too much lemon in it. 

I really wanted to like this place. Maybe it needs a couple more weeks to work out the kinks and bugs that go into opening a restaurant. I'll probably try them in a couple of weeks to see if anything has changed. The staff seems really friendly and nice and the restaurant itself is really cute. It does have the potential to be a nice place if only they would make small adjustments in improving the quality of their food.

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